Caple has been carving their way up to prominence in an already saturated appliance marketplace. Their wine coolers and fridges have attracted a lot of buzz but the brand has gone from strength to strength with a selection of amazing cooking appliances. The SO110SS steam oven is the perfect example of this and it encapsulates everything that we love about Caple’s immaculate design, user oriented functionality and modest price point.

The SO110SS is a built-in contemporary styled steam oven that looks seamless and neat due to the combination of it’s matte black facade, white LED display and stainless steel door handle. The appliance looks great when built in at torso height into cabinets of a similar colour but looks aside, this oven has a bag full to offer

Juicer & Tastier Food

Firstly this is a steam oven so rather than relying on heating up dry air to cook food, it uses high temperature moisture. There are many benefits to this method mostly that by letting boiling moisture permeate the food more freshness and flavour is retained. Steam cooking is also well known for its ability to cook food evenly. It’s also worth mentioning that the steaming process is very environmentally friendly - Caple have fitted a steam recovery system which condenses used moisture, stores and re-uses it for the next time so that you can keep water usage down. You may also be surprised to know that there is a great degree of flexibility when it comes to the oven’s steam cooking. The oven is fitted with a variable steam cooking temperature which can operate between 40°C-100°C. This allows you to use steam as a method of low and slow jobs or fast and high temperature cooks.   The 36 litre capacity is perfectly suited to smaller scale cooking for 1-3 persons and would work well in a flat. One of the best draws about this oven is the ease at which cleaning and maintenance can be carried out. 

Obviously the use of steam and moisture in the oven’s cavity can cause calcification or limescale build-up much like what is seen in a kettle. Cleaning limescale buildup from the inside of an oven cavity would be a fiddly horrible job which is why Caple have built the SO110SS with an automatic decalcification feature that keeps on top of calcium deposits. The stainless steel interior is also incredibly resilient to stains or splashes and can be completely cleaned with a simple cloth wipe. By adding features like these, Caple have insured that steam oven cooking is a viable, low hassle cooking option.

Sleek & Intuitive


The interface of the appliance is beautiful but also equally as easy to use so you can be assured that cooking dinner will never be too much of a technical nightmare. In terms of functionality the SO110SS provides a total of ten amazing cooking functions that are very economic when it comes to energy use to the point where the appliance bags an A grade score for energy efficiency. Overall this oven is a fantastic solution for flexible steam cooking in a compact built-in format. It looks great, is simple to use, easy to clean and ultimately offers you the chance to cook healthier tastier food without plundering your energy bills!   

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